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Day of massive self doubt and low esteem. Retiring for now. See you tomorrow where everything should be better.

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Misogyny is a bigger problem than we think

A piece I wrote the other day about the current trend of misogyny from “Gamergate” and the celeb photo “leak.”

Here is a piece I wrote the other day, hoping to get it to The Guardian, The Independent or some other paper. Didn’t happen so, enjoy and disagree/agree as much as you like.


This has not been a good few weeks when it comes to the perpetration of sexism on the internet. The big news of the leak of personal pictures stolen from celebrities is now garnering all the headlines but the problems have…

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Photographer Oleg Grigoryev's series Morning Views From the Tent depicts one man’s view of his travels through gorgeous landscapes from a unique perspective.

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My sketches of two of today’s UHC moments.  Re-posted here by request.

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What’s Your Book Shelfie Style?

This post turns me on.


Topic and size.

Colour pleased me but it’s usually topic and then within topic, size. 

topic, then alphabetical, with a side of stacked. i do not have enough bookshelves.

Topic, then size, then stacked.

I do topic then stacked too.

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"We want to talk about improving games journalism."



Ok sure - well what specifically do you think is the problem?

"Too much corruption, not enough transparency, media keep trying to silence our complaints."

Oof, that’s a tricky one. I mean you’re sort of suggesting a number of things there, first of all that corruption has been proven to…

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