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Constant annoyance:

Stupidly hot weather thats too hot for sex whilst being really horny and unable to have sex. Worst of both words.

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wow, look at that hot greaser I mean damn son- 
wait. waaaait. Is that Leonard Nimoy? 
You be your sweet ass that’s Leonard Nimoy
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Damn! Spock was a dude!

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Prettyful Hemel. #nofilter

Prettyful Hemel. #nofilter

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Portal makes me so happy that I might cry.

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Finally back on the “Friday Personal Channel video” wagon. Here’s my trip to London, it was AMAZING! Can I live there always? No? Okay :(

Not only do I love Felicia Day, but I’d loved to have bumped in to Felicia Day and give her the geeky tour

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my management technique



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We go forward.

That setup. Those feels.


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